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Outstanding experience

Over 15 years of automation and automotive experience is at your service.


We can offer you best quality solution at fastest time period with lowest costs.

Satisfied Customer

%100 Customer satisfaction and 7/24 service support.

Budget Friendly

Competitive prices always.



Defense Industry

We are offering capable products for defense industries with advanced technology, robotics and digital transformation based  engineering solutions and systems.

Machinery Industry

Supplying high-tech, robotics and digital transformation-based engineering solutions and manufacturing systems that will increase the potential and competitiveness of machine manufacturers.

Automotive Industry

Robotic solutions for the mass production and process-based needs of the automotive and tier-1 sectors with high quality standards.

Railways and Wagon Industry

High-tech robotic solutions in accordance with the standards in the body, bogie and chassis production of passenger and freight wagon sets made of stainless, aluminum and steel materials.

Agricultural Machinery Industry

Robotic process solutions such as metal production, joining, welding and cutting, special to the needs of the agricultural sector.

Construction Epuipments Industry

We are at your service with years of experience and knowledge for assembly, welding and joining technologies in the production processes of mechanically based machines and components in the construction industry.

Bicycle Industry

Robotic solutions for aluminum and steel bicycle equipments with cutting edge technologies.

Pressurized Vessels

We are providing special, tailor made solutions for pressurized vessels industry like fully automatic welding machine and integrated leakage tester.

General Industry

We offer high-standard robotic solutions to the mass production and process-based needs of the industry known as the general industry.

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